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Hosting and Domain Registration

website_hosting-300x240When creating a website is always the question is where to place the complete site. If you plan to create a small website or a small website (no more than hundreds of documents) with low attendance (to 50 osіb the day), then you may well be satisfied with virtual hosting, but if your site (Internet-catalog, shop, portal … ) a large amount of (over 1000 documents) planned and frequent use of the resource (from 200 visitors a day), then you direct route to the server vidіleny (more about the reasons written article on shared hosting). The main difference is, that the virtual host site hosted on the server, except where he has many other sites, ie for the site is allocated only a fraction of server resources. The name of the “vidіleny server” speaks for itself – server will, which is designed to accommodate only one site. To make it clearer: Virtual Hosting – Tse communal apartment for website, and vidіleny server – separate. Of course, cost of these services varies considerably, so you need to weigh the good “for” and “against”, before deciding, which requires hosting your project.

Company “Website” provides a range of services placement and domain registration Projects on the Internet.

We work with clients of different profiles: large investment companies and banks, corporate offices business centers, companies, specializing in e-commerce, independent associations and individuals.
Quality of our services is confirmed by the trust and constancy of our clients and is under a proven technological and administrative framework.

We offer inexpensive, quick and professional hosting!

We host virtual server customers only specialized equipment with a high degree of reliability and speed of data transmission and data. Sites of our clients work without interruptions and delays, and the clients themselves quiet for conservation of published materials. Company Website pay special attention to the protection of information from unauthorized access. Virtual Server customers are on independent server space and protected from external penetrations.

Our range include poslug:

  • provision of low-cost, Quick and professional hosting;
  • registration and re-registration of domain names;
  • placement of virtual servers customers;
  • rent servers;
  • value of a domain name registration depends on the area. Domain registration is valid for one year from the date of registration;
  • fee for hosting ranges from 60 USD per month.


Have fast hosting or a domain through Web form zatelefonuyte us abo +38 067 5577677 or +38 097 9661803.

All servers of our partners to provide a wide range of installed software. Your software includes many popular applications and satisfy even the most discerning taste. It means, that immediately after activating the virtual server is ready to work for the benefit of you and your customers.

On the Virtual Server running the latest version of the operating system based on Windows or Linux ( customer's choice) and the latest versions of the software: Apache 2.x, MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.x, Perl 5.8.7. This set of software we recommend to all those, who wants to use the latest developments in the field of programming and hosting.