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Website Promotion

Search promotion – this withdrawal site in the first place to issue a search engine. The essence of a very simple: user is looking for information about your business – and immediately see a link to your website. In practice, this means a huge influx interested in your offer yet. To pity, This service is still the same shamanic dance with tambourines. I, although in the process of moving there is nothing mysterious, or magic, should recognize, sometimes shamanic drum is the most important tool in this case.

The attractiveness of services promotion due to the fact, as a result of measures, on your visitors come, that here and now is interested in your services or goods.

At the moment, search engines analyze huge amounts of information, build and analyze complex mathematical graphs and many terabytes of text information. Search engines have learned to read Flash files, learned to find the "hidden" text and track other search spam. Everything they do is for the benefit of us with you – ordinary users. The purpose of search engine – as quickly and accurately give the user response to his request. Solving this problem, search engines develop algorithms for data analysis, introduce additional services and mechanisms. One of the most important quality criteria (and therefore popularity) search engine is a measure of relevance prompt user.

Search the following advantages:

  • Cost per user involvement is minimal compared to other types of advertising;
  • The work is directly with the target audience, ie the site come solely interested in your product or service;
  • Search promotion is not limited by time and allows you to attract customers constantly;
  • There is a great opportunity to plan costs, as the payment is not involved in manual, and by removing the site in the first place. The costs do not grow at seasonal peaks.
  • Search promotion makes your site more famous. The longer you move – the better the further promotion, i.e., the cheaper the further advertising.
  • Issuance of search engine is not perceived as advertising, ie the user thinks, that you find yourself.
  • I, finally, sites, that are high in issuing, perceived by visitors as industry leaders not only on the Internet, and d in realnostі.

Not all requests are commercial, and, receiving the input query "create site", search engine does not know, what it asks the user. The user can search for a company on site (commercial query), but could find, for example, management on site (Nonprofit request). With some probability algorithm builds assumptions, and based on these assumptions builds SERPs, and which shows the user. Recently, there is a clear tendency to dilute the issue of "commercial" needs-profit issue, such as Article, Wikipedia site and other sites such plan.

Tasks Optimizer is, to help search engines rank pages more correctly, and, already hide, as high as possible in the SERPs. In constructing the SERPs search engine examines two types of factors, conditionally divided into "internal" and "external". "Internal" factors – those factors, which may affect the site owner. Correct menu, convenient internal navigation, good informative headlines, quality and uniqueness in online, correct technical modifications title page and many others. By "external" factors include frequency reference site to other sites, in other words – Links to your website from other websites.

Optimization – this work to analyze and change the internal structure of the site menu, Robot s texts, test and configure all the technical parameters for optimal job search to your site.

Then start working on improving your website quoting other resources. Analyzed sites – competitors, made selection grounds, who could recommend your site to its visitors. For example, those companies, involved adjacent, not intersect with your activity, and that, for example, may recommend you buy air conditioner, the minds, that you will recommend to their customers order the installation of air conditioning in them. This process is called link exchange.

There are also areas, who place advertisements on your site for a fee, just itself, as it is placed on billboards advertising agencies. The difference is, that the advertising agency hundreds of billboards, where they can offer advertising, but here the owner of each "billboard" establishes its own rules individually. Such advertising is seen not only visitors – reklamnoї site, but search engine, and similarly takes into account when ranking the site. Of course, search engines do not approve of placing such paid links, and try to reduce their weight in the ranking algorithms.

The result of such a struggle is constantly undergoing changes and corrections algorithms bots, and as a result of changes in the SERP. For visitor search engine result of these changes is the change in the position of issuing sites, but, as a rule, normal user rarely notices these changes, if there is no technical glitches.

What we do when promoting the site:

  • Determine the most relevant site keywords (There is no sense to display the website requests, which he can not answer, or provide appropriate service).
  • Analyze your site for optimization of internal pages. Are the headlines, quality texts, chi well on site menu, understand user navigation.
  • If necessary (almost always, because every artist has their own way), complex conductivity robіt, to improve the structure of the site, change texts and optimizing pages for search queries.
  • Search advertising sites, Advertising.
  • Analysis of results, amendment and changes.
  • Regular reporting on the visibility of the site in popular search engines.

Attention! We will also never "guarantee", that the results of our work will be 100% hit the site in the top ten of search machines. But we guarantee, that the situation will be better, than before, you have asked us, number of visitors to the site will increase. Remember, that we can not guarantee an increase orders from site, Even if the increase in the number of visitors. The reasons for this may be very different. For example, you may be uncomfortable Online, it can be lost, not understand, how to order, the site may be too high prices and so on. We met in our practice and cases, simply did not work when the phone, which was listed on the website.

What not to do when promoting the site:

  • Doing a search spam. For example, place online hidden from the eyes of the user text, stuffed with keywords, write the text background color or very small letters, substitute pages plaque, giving the visitor an option page, and job search completely different, automatically without the knowledge and consent of the visitor, forward it to other pages. The result of these steps, – "Bank" website – off site to issue a search machine.
  • Doing "referential spam" – buying indiscriminately every possible advertising space, that occur during hand. The positive results, likely, will be very brief, but to withdraw from the site during Filtered long and laborious operation.
  • Copy to my site strangers materials. On-Perche, Tse is not legal, and other by-, search engine can calculate your site duplicates another site, and, as a consequence, not pokazuvati results vidachі.
  • Promote website inquiries, not relevant to the site topic.

All resources, created by our company, ready to move and contain all the necessary tools for search engine optimization. You can order the complete set of services for website promotion – it is enough to simply call the phone +38 067 5577677 and +38 097 9661803 and invite calculations on possible options of. We will explain in detail all the nuances promote a specific example of your site.