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Internet Store Website

This is the site, designed to sell goods, choice is made in the catalog. Online shopping can be a specialized (for example, only sell a specific type of home appliances), and universal. A otzhe, one of the most effective tools for doing business in the global network is development of e-commerce. Unlike store in the usual sense, virtual outlet works without breaks and weekends. In addition, online store sells goods or services to all individuals without exception, who have access to the Internet. Finally, a business resource can achieve substantial savings on buying and leasing commercial and warehouse space, and wage-dozen employees, function which can perform one qualified. In a word, online store opens business people hitherto unknown perspectives, and any modern company can own experience to assess its benefits!

E-shop at the company website

The process of creating virtual resource, which will deal with the very real trade, is very responsible and laborious. The result depends on the professionalism of the developers. Turning to the services of specialists studio Website, You should not doubt: development of e-commerce will be done in full accordance with the specifics of the company, given the competition in the industry, and according to all customer requirements. All stages of e-commerce, from initial design to commissioning of, performed at a high level,, with the guarantee of absolute results!

E-shop from Websait – it:

  • Creating a unique design copyright;
  • Intuitive administration panel;
  • Rapid filling resource;
  • Basic SEO-optimization;
  • Warranty service resource.

Crucial each of the stages E-Commerce. Original, memorable and, most importantly, "Sells" design online store is one of the key success factors. Zayshovshi takyj resource on one once, even if it is not making a purchase, vidviduvachneodminno want to go there again and, likely, become a regular customer! Easy administration panel allows to easily manage the online store even newbie in online business. As for the original resource optimization, the experts will do their Website, that online shopping was the most affordable in the search engines Google and Yandex all members of the target audience.

What can be sold via the Internet?

Almost anything: from pens to cars and from services to information. Site online store will allow you to take orders for any of your products.

Right now sold over the Internet:

  • Finished goods (for example, electronics or food).
  • Goods Contract (named tickets, clothing for individual sizes or rare parts).
  • Services of various types.
  • Information (from market research to architectural designs of houses).
  • Courses.
  • Access to certain resources or information site, automatically created on the site.

Why create an online store – it is advantageous?

Creating an online store – is to reach a different market, than to offer any accommodation in the real world. Internet-shop – This is another selling point, and often the most effective means of contact with clients. If you have a unique product or you are willing to make better offer – online store will give information about it to all, interested.

When creating e-commerce should be taken into account, that:

  • Shop the Web works 24 The age and the 365 days a year without breaks and weekends. Your product will be available even at two o'clock in the morning the first of January.
  • Your store is not specific to priv'yazany primіschennya (actually, often only need a warehouse) – and that means, you are always free to choose the most financially and logistically advantageous variants storage of goods.
  • Staff costs substantially below, than in stores.
  • You can show all the goods "in a window", and allowing search by product specific parameters.
  • Because, that the product itself is not exposed, and information about him and his image, You can even show the positions, which is only expected in stock.
  • With proper search promotion, contextual or media advertising, as well as integration with searching, Online shopping allows you to focus on the right audience and get a huge effect.
  • In the online shop you can display any number of positions.
  • Online shopping is accessible from any geographical point in your city, country and the planet: you can not limit its offer just outside walking distance.
  • Online shopping allows the flexibility to calculate price, for example, introduce seasonal factors.

E-shop implies the existence of such functional elements or sections:

  • Catalog produktsії. This section is basic and contains detailed descriptions of certain goods. In most cases, catalog pages and card catalog accompanied by visual information (photo);
  • Basket. Using this tool, visitor online store can collect and place an order to purchase interest of its goods. Basket contains information, which applies to all purchases registered client;
  • Registration. The functions of this section include gathering information about customer contacts, as well as providing regular customers additional services osCommerce.

If you still doubt the need E-Commerce, zgadayte about those, that:

  • Online shopping will work for you without breaks and weekends;
  • With it, you can achieve a serious decrease associated costs;
  • Virtual warehouse and counters online store will accommodate an unlimited number of products;
  • Your business does not have limits!

E-shop studio Website

In the online stores have several traits, specific to the Network:

  • Shop can "building" under each user, gradually defining the scope of his preferences and accordingly offering interesting options catalog.
  • In the online store possibly interviews Users: from the exchange of goods and evaluating them to send detailed comments, Tips and Reviews.
  • Online shopping can automatically send information about promotions, sales and other events.
  • Automation in the online store allows you to fill as much market, as needed for external reporting.
  • Online shopping allows you to automatically remind the user the immediate availability of goods he needs, giving discount after certain actions, remind customized discounts before the holidays, congratulate birthday and so on.

What is included in the kit "Online shop"?

  • Complete set for creatures of content based on user-friendly management system.
  • Catalog (that allows you to enter any formal descriptions, attach photos and other media files).
  • The Module "Basket", allowing the user to purchase goods.
  • Authorization system for regular customers, among other things, allows you to create closed sections, available only to certain categories of visitors.
  • Order processing system with user friendly interface.
  • Collector data about users osCommerce (in particular, gather all the e-mail addresses registered and "single" clients for further distribution).

If necessary, run the integration 1C, pіdklyuchennya payment systems (including bank charges) and other cross-system work. Basic configuration store can make reservations for further manual processing your operator.

On the platform online store, you can choose which modules Corporate website .

What is the value of e-commerce?

Value E-Commerce – from 900 u.o. Factors, determining the price of the service – resource functionality, amount of work on filling osCommerce, and the creation of additional modules. Prepares the budget for Internet-shop, fully customized to your business processes is evaluated by your wishes. The term of your order will be 25 working days.

To specify the order of prices for the necessary decisions, contact the manager on the phone +38 067 5577677 or +38 097 9661803