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Site-business card

vizitkaSite-business card – This is a complete online resource, as a rule, consists of several (5-10) Page, containing basic information about the company, its activities, goods or services offered, characteristics and methods of feedback. Properly designed online business card is a business card, effective advertising, non-stop office, face of the Internet.

Creating a website effectively express themselves millions of Internet users. This compact, simple, concise and at the same time informative site tells potential customers about the company, pro rate the loads / services, shares, Ways of cooperation. On the site, anyone can learn, how to find us, as contact with her and even leave application.

The most popular sections of website:

  • About
  • Goods and services
  • Price list (It seems the loads / services)
  • News
  • Contacts (feedback)

Although, that site-business card – is the easiest site without nested sections, its development is very effective solution for entrepreneurs, professionals in the service sector, and large companies.

Advantages of website:

  • relatively low costs of creating a website and its support;
  • Website developed in a short time;
  • on saytі presented as specific, concise information, is easy to find online with a simple menu and ease of navigation;
  • correctly, quality and beautifully executed site forms the company's image, credible potential buyers;
  • site-vіzitka – great start for a new business;
  • create a website – effective way to try out a new trend in the already formed business. Analysis of the behavior of buyers online help determine the most successful solutions for the further development of a business.

Key Features of developed sites:

  • Avtorsky design website qualitatively distinguish your site from the gray mass of millions of websites.
  • Conveniently panel administruvannya site will allow even the most inexperienced web user to edit all information sections of the site.
  • Basic SEO-optimization to find a site in the search engines (Google, Yandex).
  • Warranty Service Web site.

Deadline – from 10working days.

Cost website:

  • Site Design: individual
  • Site Pages: to 10 pages.
  • Period of implementation: to 2 weeks
  • The price of the site: from 300 u.o.

* The cost of a site indicated the approximate, can vary from many factors. To clarify the final cost contact our office. Price includes VAT 20%.