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Stages of Development Site

stepsIn the work the Website company applies stage-by-stage implementation of projects. The life cycle of website development is divided into stages consistently performed. Each stage has firmly set deadlines and end point of reference, which allows you to monitor the progress of the project. This approach to organizing work on projects enables customers to monitor its progress, promptly make the necessary adjustments, and follow the deadlines and quality of work, making the development process "transparent". In the first stage of development and creation is the future of interface design resource and a technical task. Work on this phase is largely based on those wishes, that the customer has indicated when filling brief, but statement of work is much more suited to setting goals and describes in detail the possibility of solving each. Therefore, Every project goes through the following stages of the life cycle:

Do not underestimate the importance of, which has a vehicle to develop the site for future resource. Competently made up terms of reference to avoid confusion between the customer and the contractor, in their scho Cerga Economii hour, spent at work. Besides TS – document, without yakogo just obіytisya.

Preparation of technical specifications (TS)

steps-1 Terms of Reference – is the basis of order in the project and the main landmark. Only with all the requirements, specified in TS, project can be completed. Reflected in the terms of reference are task, yakі seems to resource; exhaustively drawn map, which specifies all partitions and format information, provided on their pages. Much attention is paid to the functional TS Project, which is described in detail, and site navigation. Specification involves specifying the requirements for hosting, versttsі, programming languages ​​and etc. Everything else, TS should contain deadlines. Course, this part of the specification prescribed, when descriptions of all sections, functional requirements and formed.

After agreeing with the customer vehicle on a site signed by both parties. In that case, if the approval and signing of the customer specification, need to make changes, agreed by the parties is correction of the text specification (mandatory annex to the contract for the development and creation). Revised text TS re-signed by the parties, followed by a recalculation of the value of work to create a website. In a technical task for large projects, developed UI site (by the client). Using special software prototypes vidmalovuye pages: placement of functional blocks on pages, system site navigation. In the future, based on the developed prototype is formed and approved design, which will fully meet the previously agreed TS.

Site Design

steps-2As the development of the whole site, Work on its design is also phased. And the first is the creation of design homepage resource, which begins with concept development. It is created based on vehicle, designed interface, completed client brief and brendbukov (if any). Usually, concept developed by one, but if you want the customer, our specialists can offer several options for consideration. which concept (or for each of them) made presentations, purpose is to convey to the client the reasons of a choice and decision, made by designers, explain, what is its benefit to the website. Then, the concept of coordination with the customer and refinement to match the client's wishes, in the course of describing how the selection menu, popups, dropdown lists. After completions is approving design concepts homepage, and designers begin to create concepts of internal pages, also undergo stages of approval, revision and approval.
If the company has a customer logo – trademark, for whatever it identified,, for whatever it learned, the company develop its Website. Natural, the logo always developed and agreed with the customer primarily, before the start of play design concept homepage. How do you understand, This is because, that without corporate symbols can not create a truly original and holistic design. Summary stage "Design Site" – approved design layout of all pages in PSD. If necessary, all source code provided by the client design disk.

Design layout pages

steps-3After approving design layouts of all pages is their layout. Website uses block layout, as it provides a great opportunity, nіzh tabular, and to make the code more compact, through which increases the speed of loading web pages. In addition, modular layout allows more efficient design site, to be properly displayed in browsers. At the stage layout is scripting design elements, if so provided. Result, obtained after the completion of phase, – laid out html-templates all pages. Page-proofs is in accordance with modern requirements, that made it, tested for validity and compatibility with the following browsers:

  1. Internet Explorer версії 7.0,
  2. Mozila Firefox версії 2.0,
  3. Opera версії 9.0,
  4. Chrome 2.0,
  5. Safari версії 3.

At the customer site it laid out pages provided on disk.


steps-4Based on TS and laid out page layouts site is functional programming, scilicet born almost ready web resource. Site design is specially designated for that purpose server company web site starts with setting up the development environment (Sistemi upravlіnnya content), which made certain changes depending on the intended functional, programming is required modules. The result of this stage is ready site, placed on the server development company Website. Upon completion of the program written report with your site, which are provided to the client system access site management, describes in detail the functional resource, and makes recommendations for working with the administrative part of the site.


steps-5After that, how to work with a site on a server development completed, report will be written, Specialist quality control development begins testing site. For the testing phase resource provides specially developed technique, at which site and checking. Verified whether the site described in the TS functional, correctness display layout in all supported browsers and site match internal quality requirements. In case of comments, consists of a list of revisions, address them. Executed on the server development is only one project, which was adopted as a specialist. After this draft decision is sent to the customer for approval. Repeated testing site goes after his transfer to hosting.

Migrated to the hosting

steps-6The final stage of development of the site is to transfer the hosting. The company website offers a transfer to any hosting, you choose. The only condition on the part of our company for web hosting platform is to meet the requirements of the software, which developed site.

If the resource was developed by Wordpress CMS:

  1. Operacíjna system: ОС Unix (or compatible);
  2. Web server: Apache (+ FastCGI або mod_python або mod_wsgi) або nginx (+ FastCGI);
  3. Db Mysql 5.1 and above.


If the resource was developed for Joomla CMS:

  1. Operacíjna system: ОС Unix (or compatible);
  2. Web server: Apache (+ FastCGI або mod_python або mod_wsgi) або nginx (+ FastCGI);
  3. Db Mysql 5.1 and above.