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Why company needs a corporate website?

“Why company needs a corporate website?” In the age of information technology is the question many may seem not only strange but also absurd. But, as life shows, significant portion of people do not know the answer to this question or abstract meets: "Because the site is the competitors', "For prestige", "To walk in step with the times".

In general, there are three categories of people, with different points of view regarding this issue: people, who know what their site and plan to create; people, do not know why they site, but want to have it; people, who do not know and do not want to have a site.

If the first and second categories do not need to be convinced of the need to create a site for a long time, then serious arguments are needed to convince the third circle of conservatives. Therefore, what arguments can be used to convince the company's management of the need to create a corporate website.
1. Information function. Providing information about the company is one of the most important functions of the site. Usually the site provides general information about the company, description of its activities, list of main customers and their feedback, location and contact information. New customers often have to share the same information, which is an irrational waste of time, in addition, information about the company changes periodically. Having a corporate website greatly simplifies working with customers, the site is a kind of analogue of a round-the-clock virtual office.
2. Advertising function. Online advertising is the cheapest and one of the most effective types of advertising. The popularity of the Internet is only growing over time and a lot of people can see information about your company. Potential customers are increasingly looking for information about the product or service they need on the Internet, whether they will find it on your site is up to you.
3. Commercial function. Through your site you can sell the company's products and services. Of course, it is not advisable to create online stores for all activities. However, more and more potential buyers are ready to shop online. Laziness is the engine of progress, more and more people prefer it, to Open Google, find the product they need and order it online.
4. Corporate image. On the business card of every serious company, in addition to the address and phone number, there is always a website address, where you can get acquainted with the company's services. Most people prefer the goods and services of those firms, who have a good image and talk openly about their activities, Creating a corporate website is a great way to demonstrate your openness and create a serious image, reliable company.
The site is a round-the-clock office on the World Wide Web, the creation of which is a real necessity. The corporate site allows to raise the image of the company, attract new customers and create a new information space, not available to other media and advertising.

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