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Maybe you have an own company and you want to arrange for her business card on the Internet, find partners, organize trade. Maybe you do not have company, but an idea and you want to talk about it around the world. And even maybe you just tired to use the free services of questionable quality, and you want to have a full guarantee on uptime of your site and mail services. In this case, we can help you.

Where do you start?

First you need to determine, what you want from the Internet. Unlike most companies, service providers to create a site that, we give you the opportunity to not order all services in a package, and choose the, it takes for you.


So if you are determined to "osylytysya" on the Internet, You need address. As in real life, online in each user has its own address, by which he can find like-minded people, Friends, Customers. A good selection of addresses means that you will learn more about the people, and you will soon reach its goal, Your friends will be more convenient to correspond with you, if they have to write simple and clear address, while complex, difficult in writing, or not suitable to address the opposite meaning away from you people. This address is called the domain name.

Because domain names, there are many, they are divided into groups by appointment. You can select any group, or even several. These groups are called Extensions, and added to your domain name, as well as the city's name in your address is added to the name of the street, where you live.

If you find that your domain for you - do not pull on its registration. Every day many domains registered and it is possible, this same time someone else picks up a domain and you will find this free One and the same domain. In this case, a domain becomes, who quickly it will pay and record.


So you have chosen for. If you want to have your site, or more sites, need a place where he / they should be placed, because your address must point to something. This hosting service allows you to receive and place on a server, deployment for your site.

You can choose any hosting package. For personal site will likely be enough 100Mb, most corporate sites will suffice package from 250Mb to 500MB depending on the content management system. If you must have more than one, and multiple sites, choose a package 1Gb or 3Gb, these packages you can place as many sites, as you like. Of course the total amount of all files should not exceed the limits in terms of data (and files, and databases).

If you need to place music or video, then you need more space. Just beginning, how many total occupied files, This will be a guide to choose hosting package. If you incorrectly rated amount of data, which contains your site - do not worry. We warn you in advance limit is exceeded and prompt you with an appropriate data plan (all this time the site will work).


If you need to have your email, or more boxes, whether you have a website or not, You may order eMail.

With our service you can also send and receive mail (service secure SMTP-server).

You can use a mail program (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat, …), and use web-mail.


We also warn, our company adheres etychnychnyh reasons, placed on the content of our help. If your goal is to spread unlicensed software, pornography, and sending spam, We reserve the right to refuse to cooperate with you., або додавати блоки рекламного характеру до Вашого контенту 😉

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