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How to build a website?

How to build a website?

This is a question asked by thousands of users on the Internet every day, this issue wondering now and you:
After all, most people create their own sites themselves.
What am I worse?”
Down concern, away doubts, as articles written on this site, to tell you about all the stages of creating websites.

Therefore, site development always starts with an idea.
Suppose, you wake up in the morning, and somewhere between taking showers and a hot cup of coffee you had the idea to create a website. But the idea to its realization way not a short and uneasy, you have to overcome many stages in order, to create something very good and worthwhile.

Life website can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Idea
  2. Development of site structure
  3. Development of the site
  4. Coding, Programming
  5. Testing and refinement
  6. Promotion, advertising
  7. Further support and updates
The first five stages relate directly to the creation of the site, pіslya order, as you will master, you threaten the last two stages, which should be repeated at regular intervals continuously, if you want, your site live. Sometimes in the development of the site must pass the first five stages again, that radically updated.

Useful tips for creating site.

  • The idea came, but should podumayty the number of people, interested in the topic, the number of competing websites. The more sites in your topic you will find a search engine, the fewer visitors will be on your site, the harder you will continue. Type in any search engine the name of your site with topics 2-3 key words and see, found many websites on this topic. The number of sites on some popular themes reaches several million. Everyone wants, that their site was in top positions, but it is impossible, that all sites were the first. Think about those, if you can do so, that your site has been visited?
  • Never make a site that, what you do not understand. The biggest mistake many beginners make sites that, how to make money on the Internet or something like that. Many, not knowing this does nothing, begin to teach others, how to earn online. On this site you will never have the same rating and nothing ever earn, perhaps some very small amounts, because such sites are not a million and your site will never be exactly the first in search engines, and so on it and no one ever go, except the creator and his friends. Search engines do not like sites about earnings, and with this topic always give priority only to those sites, created a long time ago and have already some authority.
  • Think about the information, you want to place on your website. Filling the site to be useful and interesting to others, even if it is some quite narrow and unpopular topic. The smaller this topic will be in search engines, the more you will have and the more visitors your site in the future will bring you profit. Do not make the main purpose of the site – making money on it, this just does not work, everything will come gradually, itself.
  • Do not copy and do not post on its website information from other sites without their consent authors to avoid further trouble. The Internet is also called “stealing”. Site Owner, from which you, to say the least, have information, etc.. without his consent, can write in search engines, hosting provider, where is located your website and in other institutions. This site searchers can remove from your search permanently. If your site will be removed from search engines, it is no use, but You, nobody ever finds, it will be available to other users. Hosting Provider, which will be hosting on your site is also quite right to delete your site and your account.
  • Watch, that your pages are not too large in size, optimal size of no more than 30Kb. Pages with lots of long load, the visitor can not wait for the full download page and just close it.
  • Avoid large images and applets, they are very long load.
  • Users do not like, When the page should scroll from left to right – horizontal scrolling (below).
  • More accurate Scripting. Do not overfill them your site. Use them with needs. Some scripts, for example – New windows, redirekt (redirected to another page), maximizing windows (page opens in full screen) and some others – can irritate visitors and then they to your site can not go.
  • If possible,, Avoid using frames on the site (window or multiple windows within the page), because those pages are indexed by search engines slowly.
  • Some can not imagine a design without a huge number of images (or without Flash-savers, worse). Many forget the main rule design – make, was convenient to the user. If the user is uncomfortable, if your page with Flash or lots of pictures uploaded a few minutes, it just close the page, without waiting for downloads. And most likely, come to your website – because many sites on the Internet. Remember, that Web Design – is primarily a correct presentation of information, it is to be effective.
  • If you want, to your site well ranked by search engines, try to use less Flash, despite its “beauty”. The same applies to scripts.
  • Do not write anything in the status bar, visitor wants to know, where he will go after clicking on a link.
  • Use CSS. Cascading Style Sheets can be hard enough to facilitate page, if you use them correctly.
  • Preferred daily support to date. We must constantly monitor the timely updating and deleting resources from outside the site, inaccurate or outdated information.