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Should I create a website?

Have your own website or blog… Sounds, of course, attractive and solidly. Today, the Internet is a lot of services for website development, educational video courses, platforms and content management systems (CMS), with which to create your own life is not so hard. Let's consider the, and whether to do it? Is it worth spending time, power and money for a simple statement of fact "I have my own website».

Sure, running your own website or blog - lessons useful and not too much. When reasonable approach, You can not just create a useful resource for visitors, that accentuate your status and professionalism, but you can monetize it and have a stable source of income, the size of which is dependent on your efforts and pertinent.
But, to note, how to get behind the learning of site-building should be clearly defined, for what and for whom will your site. Unworthy begin to create a site with ideas: "And let me make a site, a tam abortion, what happens. "Main Line, direction resource should be in your head is in the process of creating.

Today you can find many online sites 1-2 pages, updated that half a year ago, and sometimes even later. Here you consequence irresponsible attitude - site made, and for whom and for what it is - do not have time to think.

- It should be clearly understood, that the very existence of the site still does not mean anything. Slap a business card site is easy. Online visitors should be, and you need something more, than just a collection of HTML and PHP pages on a server. This requires knowledge, and knowledge - is the time and effort. If you are willing to spend your time learning and improvement - nothing will. Even the most experienced programmers, SEOshnyky designers and continuously improve their skills and knowledge.

- Any site creation implies a certain amount of investment. At least for the services of hosting and domain name registration. If you are not willing to spend money (25-35 dollars a year), then record the account on Yukozi or even where plenty hourly. Severe resource is not for you.

- Work. Daily, laborious and titanic work of the brain and nervous system. Who is not familiar with the sites and their creation can now just smile. Like, that there is such a hard? You sit and a mouse click, Click, Click… Convincing will not, Stay in your opinion. So this thing is also for you.

- Ability to organize themselves. So, like this…is the ability to plan your schedule - perhaps the most important item in the list. If you do not learn properly splanovuvaty Time, not to delay the case indefinitely, rational use of all 24 hours - it will have the following picture: "The day passed, I sat on a Computer 10 hours, and did nothing ". At first, I have sinned this). But now I have time and keep the site, and acquire new knowledge and sometimes play games .

Perhaps enough about cons? Rather intimidate you?

Actually, If you are really serious about thoughts create your own resource - forward! This is really interesting, intellectual, developing and (may be) profitable business. Infest new interesting card, acquired new knowledge, and, in a perfect case study, can become your main profession.

Decide. Information on the net a lot. About creating sites, their promotion, of monetization - there is a will. But remember - one little wish, requires will and stubbornness. We must sincerely believe, you do. Then everything will. I believe. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt: "Do not mistake that, who does nothing ".

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